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Project management and online promotion experience

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Great opportunity ahead! A youth worker can spend 6 months in Romania with Yellow Shirts to learn more about project management and online promotion!

The aim of this mobility is to prepare a youth worker with no previous experience on Erasmus+ with tools, knowledge and know-how to increase the organisational capacity of the NGO within these matters. At the same time, the exchange will benefit the host, Yellow Shirts, in terms of exchange of information, know-how and methods regarding the online promotion.

The main activities to be implemented are: project management (general management, transnational meetings), support for the visibility and dissemination materials, elaboration of MOOC online promotion and Increasing NGO’s organisational capacity guide, the local opening conference, training on online approaches and methodology on working with youth, platform and course promotion.

Among the tasks foreseen to be implemented, we mention:

  • project management (resources, staff, finances, planning and following the schedule, monitoring, evaluating, reporting, communication with partners, stakeholders, experts, etc.)

  • organisation of transnational meetings (logistics, materials prepared in advance for the meeting, conducting the meetings)

  • researching, documentation and utilisation of the information within methods adjusted to youth; non-formal educational methods and instruments

  • graphic design, online promotion, social media, website and platforms (design, content)

  • organising and implementing local activities (logistics, contact with the participants

  • organising of bigger events (multiplying events) and the logistics for it (space, coffee break, handout materials, presentation materials, communication with candidates and registration of participants, etc.)

  • timely documenting and transfer the knowledge (guide writing for NGOs)

  • experiment, test and analyse methods, channels, ways of putting in practice different activities with the support and guidance of a coordinator

  • collaborating inside a small network of the consortium in order to organise local activities with a great impact

  • supporting creation of MOOC – online promotion

We are super excited to receive a youth worker and be the guide of this experience!

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