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Types of social media contents #1

Let’s see the most common types of social media posts and how could use these in our benefit. The great majority of people use their mobile phone to access the social media content, so make sure you adjust your profiles to the mobile-view.


The general forms of writing contents are the posts, blogs, articles or guides. Generally they share pieces of information that you know and have expertise on, which could help you with your reputation and credibility (positioning as an expert).

There is lots of writing content out there so if you choose this type, you need lots of creativity for new topics and the skills in writing need to be learned.


We are now talking about a way more detailed writing (deeper than a blog or article) which likewise, shows your expertise in the field. Although it can be very helpful for the reader, you should be careful with its length and explanations – an excessive length with a lot of additional irrelevant information might make the reader quit your product.

Links to external content

These can complement your work by giving not only references (verified and verifiable) for your work, but also saves you from the time of writing the same facts. This can create though a redirection of your readers to the external resource – be careful with it!


The visual content has always been more appealing to viewers and increased engagement, grow the visibility of your brand and can draw very easy the attention from many other posts. Make sure you use free-licensed ones or your own.


Another trend on social platforms is the video. It may be a fun (live or recorded way) to show exactly what you’re doing, with having the viewers getting engaged in your actual action. Even more engaging than pictures, videos can contain how-to, video tours, product updates, work in progress or demo of what you can do.


Stories last 24h on your profile and then completely disappear from the public view. It can be used to share updates, new products, events, offers, give announcements or even behind-the-scenes from what you do. Not everyone may see it due to its short lifespan, yet it can alert some of the people that follow you more often.

Live videos

Live videos help you bring the experience on the spot to the followers online that cannot be physically present where you are. The great fact about them is that they keep on your profile, even after the streaming ended. It is accessible to be done from the phone and get be done even more professionally by using streaming devices and more expensive video equipment.


A mixture of text and graphics, the infographics can give the visibility, and attract and engage viewers with your content. It can be used to explain more complex ideas, with simple concepts. It will require though a bit more creativity in order to make them appealing.

Testimonials and reviews

Having other people talk about you and recommend you may convince others to follow or purchase from you. The feedbacks from others are much valuable than you promoting yourself. There might be a reticence in getting the reviews from the people you work with or they may not always be that positive as you would expect (which is out of your control), it can be a good tool to show the rest your worthiness.


Your followers would like to be the first to know when you are to launch a new product or share a new material with them. Make sure they are constantly updated and plan carefully the announcement to be in your advantage. Tease the audience and give them bit by bit in order to make them intrigued about your product.


People are more likely to share and engage with a page where they see the potential of winning something. The prize is something you need to invest in, yet it can bring you valuable inputs about your page, depending on what the competition is about. Play smart with this one and make the contest about something that can bring you real potential, not just fake audience (invite friends or comment, subscribe other people, etc.) that are not genuinely interested in your page, but get there for the contest, and then leave.

Holiday specific contents

Take advantage of the religious or national/popular holidays which can bring you potential followers and audience to your page. Engage with your audience, offer them the place and space (moderated) to do so, enhance your content.

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