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Year 3: the review

We already finished our project at the half of the year and here we are with our last yearly review about the activities of SoundBeatsTime. It has been an amazing journey full of challenges and joys. Thank you for having joined us and continue to keep an eye on us!

What have we been doing in this past year? Let's see:

  • Continued the #WednesdayInfo articles on music, entrepreneurship and online promotion - every week!

  • Continued the TedTalks and movie recommendations series

  • We started new series of articles about traditional instruments, musical instruments, war instruments, healing music frequencies and fun facts about the music world

  • We had 2 newsletters with updates about our activities

  • We had 2 Transnational Project Meetings, 1 in Baia Mare in February and 1 in Timisoara in May

  • We launched the expert reviews on music, entrepreneurship and online promotion, with additional information and tips for practical work

  • We launched the 20-songs list with the productions our youth did during the mobility in Italy and online with the help of the experts

  • We officially launched the textbook of NGO project start-up pack (check the Resources page)

  • We hosted 6 multiplying events, each done locally by the partners, and we had our final conference in Timisoara, in May, reuniting more than 400 participants in them

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