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Types of social media contents #2

We’ve previously seen the media content type that we can have on social media. Let’s see now the type from the information point of view.


Content that provides information (verified and viable) over a topic, which can be relevant or interesting for the reader. It can include humour, call for interaction, different types of media contents (infographics, videos, photos), sharing personal experiences.


Touch your followers with an inspirational story and they are more likely to support you in getting viral. How can you do that? By providing a good, unique experience that worth to be shared, by gaining attention with something that you can do while others may not, by sharing the desire to help, and by the type itself that is funny, great, creative and just needs to be shared.


The interactive, engaging contents are those that call-to-action through quizzes, polls, games, videos, feedback, questions or anything else that makes them interact.


The easiest way to get engaged in a group or a community (be it online) is by finding similarities and being able to relate with the others. Thus show them behind-the-scenes scenes, allow followers to interact and connect, post stories, aspects of your personal live (the person behind the screen), throwback photos, thank the followers, ask opinions and feedback.


Offer discounts, free offers, promotional coupons, any shape that could bring you more. Make sure you use this to a well defined targeted audience, that stands out visually and catches attention of the viewer, you have chosen the right channels to spread it, has a clear and simple message, has measurable goals and that you are indeed ready to take in all that you promote.


People like sharing materials that made them giggle, enjoy, have fun, feel good about the post itself. Your followers are just as you are – eager to be informed in a fast, funny way. Be part of something bigger (join a campaign), make your audience look smart, share in real time or use the information only for the pure goal of relaxing and de-stressing.

All the types of contents can be used while you create for your pages. It is rather more important you to analyse and structure your target audience and build your contents based on this profile. Check the analytics on the go, test different approaches and messages, channels and types of information, get a strategy based on these results and create the content as specific as you can for your audience. You don’t need any follower, but the followers that could be good for your purposes.

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