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Online tools for young musicians - SPOTIFY

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We found out how the week was for the youth workers during the mobility in Timisoara, but let us share with you as well the materials and research they created during the activities.

Our first one is about online tools for young musicians, as online promotion and presentation of contents tools.

The recommended platforms for promotion are:

  • Spotify

  • SoundCloud

  • BandsInTown

Let's take them one by one. Today we will talk about Spotify.


About Spotify

Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider founded on 23 April 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. It is one of the largest music streaming service providers, with over 422 million monthly active users, including 182 million paying subscribers, as of March 2022.

Spotify is currently available in 180+ countries, as of October 2021. Users can search for music based on artist, album, or genre, and can create, edit, and share playlists.

How does it work?

Spotify royalties are specifically distributed from the net revenue collected from ads and Premium subscription fees. Artists are paid monthly. When Spotify pays artists, they tally the total number of streams for each of an artist's songs, and determine who owns each song and who distributes it.

More information:

Components and Content

Spotify offers digital copyright restricted recorded music and podcasts, including more than 82 million songs, from record labels and media companies.

As a freemium service, basic features are free with advertisements and limited control, while additional features, such as offline listening and commercial-free listening, are offered via paid subscriptions.

Use and Benefits

  • Spotify operates under a freemium business model (basic services are free, while additional features are offered via paid subscriptions).

  • Spotify generates revenue by selling premium streaming subscriptions to users and advertising placements to third parties.

  • Spotify's Premium tier gives you access to everything but doesn't force adverts - whether you're listening on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

  • Premium users can play any song they want (on demand), as well as find and hear playlists, discover new music, create and edit playlists, plus share music and playlists

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