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Online promotion - the course

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

We're happy and proud to announce the launch of our "Online promotion" online MOOC. The course is destined for beginners that want to learn about online promotion in general, with practical aspects for musicians, producers and singers, and is presented via videos, exercises and quizzes.

On top of that, you have the chance to follow the course in English, Romanian and Italian, and you can easily download the manual accompanying the course.

If you ask yourself what are the main topics of the course, here they are:

  • What is marketing;

  • The communication in our work;

  • Web design;

  • Social media;

  • Content planning;

  • Specialized applications;

  • SEO / SEM;

  • Going live;

  • Web analytics;

  • Crowdfunding;

  • Four common mistakes.

You can find the manuals as well in our Resource section.

All this is for FREE! Enroll today!

The first videos have a preview and you can view the full curriculum once you open the course. So give it a try.

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