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Final Conference of SoundBeatsTime

The Romanian Institute of Adult Education was the host of a new and last series of events to disseminate the results of the SoundBeatsTime project, happening in Timișoara, Romania, with the participation of representatives of Yellow Shirts Romania and Giovani senza Frontiere Italy as well.

The first even took place on May 11, 2023 where the entire suite of results was presented, such as: mobilities, intellectual outputs, local workshops, website and platform with courses. Our 20 participants were the future young educational specialists of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology – UVT. During the entire period of this activity, we benefited from the support and collaboration of Mr. Prof. drd. Daniel-Alex Milencovici.

In addition to our project’s results, to give the event a more practical approach, our guest percussionist Sorina Savii, an artist of the Timișoara Oper, led an interactive workshop with musical instruments made from recyclable materials, thus offering a sustainable model of creative entrepreneurship to the young participants, as well as taught the participants how to use music in their future work as educators and youth workers.

The following day, May 12, we continued with the dissemination event with 160 pupils of the "Constantin Diaconovici Loga" National College from Timișoara, where we once more presented the results obtained during the project. As a practical approach, this time we invited another guest, Poldoore, a Belgian producer and DJ, born in 1988, whose music is characterized by a melancholic atmosphere. Poldoore carried out a series of interactive activities with the pupils regarding creating music from scratch, the most appreciated being the mixing equipment allowing daring pupils to try to mix as they wished the songs.

We are getting close to the end of the project and yet we will continue to provide you various information related to the topics of music, entrepreneurship and online promotion, so keep checking our blog.

And before we end it here, we’d like to remind you that the Resources section has all our materials free of charge and downloadable, as well as you can easily join the courses we have.

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