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Who's with us in the SoundBeatsTime journey?

The SoundBeatsTime is supported by organizations or partners, They are all different from each other but aim the same thing: help young people to improve and seek for their dreams, to find a place to be heard and do something valuable for themselves and for the planet.

There is Yellow Shirts Romania, an NGO based in Romania, who besides coordinating the project is also in charge with the graphic design of the materials, online promotion and general entrepreneurship courses.

IREA or Institutul Român de Educație a Adulților from Romania, is the partner in charge with creating a manual with online and digital methods and tools usable by youth workers in their activities.

Giosef Italy, an NGO established in Italy, is the partner in charge with elaborating the music production materials and what's connected to it, as well as the final disc compilation with the youth creations resulted from our work.

The created materials will provide an enlarged target group due to being written in Romanian, English and Italian.

The project itself has a great support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, which is the one funding the project.

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