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Who are we?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

October 2020 brought 4 organisations together for creating the SoundBeatsTime project. Let’s meet them!

Yellow Shirts

Yellow Shirts is a youth organisation based in Baia Mare, a small town in the northern part of Romania, and was established in 2010 from the will to sustain and help the young people to integrate in the community. Today, the organisation is led by young people as professional youth workers, which develop personalized activities for the beneficiary, with the aim to help them develop in personal and professional terms.

Yellow Shirts proposes activities with various profiles to help young people discover new cultures or ways to spend the free time in an enjoyable, yet useful way in different educational environments.

The organisation has involved until now more than 2000 youth in the over 160 international and national projects develop by Yellow Shirts or in partnership. The most common topics of these meetings have been entrepreneurship, volunteering, youth work, youth organisations’ institutional management, marketing policies, cultural identity, project management, leadership and youth’s involvement in the community.

With the help of the hosted volunteers it has worked together with the local volunteers to transform Baia Mare into a friendlier place and open to multiculturalism, through activities with and for the community youth.


Now that you know a bit more about us, we’ll be glad to tell you why this mixture of organisations has been chosen and what do we want all to achieve together. Stay tuned!

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