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What do we want to offer through SBT?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We were telling you that the main goal of SBT is to equip the youth with basic competences in obtaining financial benefits from music and for this we have 3 main directions or fields, so to say: music production, entrepreneurship skills applicable in general and specific for music, and online promotion.

In addition to these, some of our products target the youth NGO and youth workers, as well as other parties interested in being active in the cultural field.

So what do we actually have in mind?

  • A guide for youth workers with online approaches and methodologies for working with youth;

  • A training course where to test and put in practice these approaches and methodologies;

  • MOOCs (massive online open courses) on music, entrepreneurship and online promotion;

  • 2 meetings where to involve 20 young people from the participating countries, where to learn from practice how to create a song in a music studio, how to deal with entrepreneurial aspects of music creation and how to promote their work;

  • A disc compilation of the 20 youngsters participating in our physical activities, with music they create under our experts’ guidance;

  • A guide for the NGOs interested in increasing their organisational capacity within EU programmes touching the cultural aspects;

  • An internship alike experience for 6 months in Romania for a youth worker to learn how to organise such youth projects and manage its activities;

  • A music hub platform where to gather different training materials, but also interviews, article or articles matching the topics of our project, while being a gathering point for experts and learners to collaborate, discuss and learn from each other;

  • Conferences on promoting the created materials with tutorials on how to use them, their contents and benefits from joining the platform.

Curious to find out more about each? Check the next blog posts for the extra details!

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