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What do we want to achieve?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We were talking about the experiences we have and the directions of each organisation. But why did we meet and come with SoundBeatsTime’s idea? What was the big urge behind it? Let’s find it out!

The context

SoundBeatsTime was born in the context surfaced by the pandemic created by Covid-19, which left everyone hanging and highly depending on the digital world. The cultural sector was impressively hit as the artists could no longer be in an eased contact with their fans.

The need for online tools and platforms became urgent. On the other hand, it seemed to be the great period in which to get deeper into specializing and expanding knowledge in this field, as the courses offer started to thrive.

The goals

The main purpose of this project is to the youth with needed competences in obtaining financial benefits from music, through a platform that can offer various courses, materials, interviews, forums, discussions with experts, or even contributing with their own expertise.

More than that, 20 young people from Romania, Spain and Italy, that graduated from the online courses offered on our platform, will have the possibility to meet and put all these in practice: work with professionals in a music studio and create a song, get entrepreneurial tips for the music industry and learn more tricks for promoting their work online.

You may wonder how we want to get all these through the SBT project. We’ll tell you, but in the next blog post. Keep in touch!

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