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What are the basic terms used in SEO that you should know #2

Key concepts:

  • What is SEO and where is it used

  • 10 basic terms about SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a support tool that helps you to get positioned higher and be found easier by searchers, based on your contents.

It is used whenever people want to find information about a certain topic and SEO tips and strategies are applicable to whatever platform has a search option.

Let’s see now 10 more of the basic SEO terms:

  1. Link building = the process to obtain links from external sources redirecting their viewers to your page.

  2. Link baiting = getting people to use your links, without asking them, therefore increasing the traffic on your page; the best way to do so is providing high quality information and having great value in your content.

  3. Clickbait = getting people to click on your link, without being able to really avoid doing so out of curiosity; can be done through a photo, title, description etc.

  4. SPAM = leaving irrelevant comments or links to the presented topic, sending unsolicited emails with irrelevant information to the recipient.

  5. SEO Blackhat = using SEO in a negative way to increase your positioning through “manipulation”, going against the “rules” of using SE; with the help of the crawlers, the search engine selects and eliminates the information that is not helpful for the searcher; for example, using a lot of keywords just to get positioning for a certain topic, yet the full text talking about something else.

  1. Keyword stuffing = the excess usage of keywords with the hope to obtain a better positioning.

  2. SEO on-page = SEO happening internally on your page, that through the contents you have, to get higher positioned; analytics and optimisation are the ones helping you to achieve this.

  3. CTR = click through ratio, or the relation that is between viewing the contents and clicking on it, the conversion rate of viewers of your link and readers of that link.

  4. SEO whitehat = SEO that follows the norms and rules of the search engines to help you get positioned naturally and organically (no false clickbaits, blackhat techniques, keyword stuffing etc); very similar to the SEO on-page.

  5. Google Adwords = a platform used to promote paid ads, which for the period of time that is paid, will position you on the first results of every page.

Check the previous article for 10 other definitions.

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