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Street Delivery 2022 – SoundBeatsTime multiplier event in Baia Mare

At the end of the SoundBeatsTime mobilities, there is nothing better than a multiplier event! The memory of the exchange is still fresh, there is still energy to meet new people.

And the best occasion was during Street Delivery 2022, here in Baia Mare. The pandemic had interrupted the local festival, so this year’s motto was to take back urban spaces, to live them together again. In particular, this year it took place in Parcul Dacia, a beautiful park that had been redeveloped and which the festival wanted to give back to families and young people.

We, at Yellow Shirts, organised ourselves to bring a lot of music, to talk about music, to play with music, just in the spirit of Street Delivery, which this year invited countless musicians from locally and elsewhere.

We made musical instruments such as guitar, ukulele, various percussion instruments, xylophones, maracas, player piano and tambourine available to everyone to try. Everyone was welcome to touch the instruments and play to create music. After all, music belongs to everyone!

I set up a workshop for children to create musical instruments such as banjos, maracas, accordions with objects that can be found easily at home, including seeds, rice, jar tops, cards. The children were enthusiastic, following me step by step through the creation process, but to be honest, the adults were also very interested.

Andreea talked about the reality of SoundBeatsTime, explained to the intrigued audience how the Erasmus+ programme works, what kind of opportunities it offers to all young people and in particular, about this project, the whole series of technical courses on music production, promotion and entrepreneurship for young people from conservatoires and music high schools. She also showed the platform created on purpose for SoundBeatsTime, where is possible to find each info, course, manual and articles related to the project.

In spite of the rain, this festival seemed to me to be a combination of music and colourful involvement, and there were many other handicraft workshops on the other stands.

The music brought to the festival was a unique experience, some of the performers were true conceptual works of contemporary art, where poetry went hand in hand with music, new sounds, sometimes experimental, sometimes the result of the encounter between Romanian and African musicality.

It was great to hear the music as a succession of artists performed all over the day, and in the evening. I met a new Baia Mare here, that combines the everyday life of its inhabitants and the desire to get to know, experience art and music together.


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