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Old vs. new marketing: attracting customers

Key concepts

  • Giving value to your contents

  • 3 tips to bring people to you

Before the digital era, the main marketing strategies were including looking for clients for your business, as not many people would easily hear about you. Now with the digital options, by being present online, the whole paradigm of marketing should change from looking for clients to attracting them to you.

As high as you manage to position yourself with the website, you will catch the attention of your competitors too. If in the beginning they are your reference point (and you should not be scared of that), eventually, even if you are still a small company, you can become big with the right marketing tools that we talked about in the previous articles, especially through SEO.

SEO may take more time, yet once you gain your position in top pages, it’s very unlikely to drop back down, unless you don’t maintain the same line of quality content.

Attracting marketing

The attraction of clients is mainly obtained through what your business should offer: a solution to their problem. By generating a solution that is easy to find and accessible, you make them happy and so, they become your clients.

So how do you get to be found? SEO. Your job is to put everything available to them at the informational level and make it accessible for them to find you. You don’t look for them, they find you.

Do not push to get an email database nor to try to convince people to become your clients. You need to increase their curiosity and desire for them to provide you with the email, for them to want to know more of you, and that is because you have shown the capacity that you have a solution to their need.

This is not just with the interaction face to face, but also online. Your web should attract not necessarily by looks, but by value and quality content. Increasing the organic traffic through a good SEO and usage of keywords, long-tail keywords and all the tricks mentioned in the previous articles.


You might be an expert in your field of action, yet you may not fully know how to write texts in order to be SEO optimised. You either learn by doing it and studying it whenever you have the chance while putting on spot into practice what you learn and see what it works, or you go to specialised copyrights that are very keen on SEO.

If you provide the content as information to an expert and ask them to rewrite it so as to be SEO optimised, you can get an easy start. However, in order to reduce the external help on this matter later on, study the materials they give you back and see how they phrase the contents, what keywords are they using and how can you adapt and integrate in further materials.

Invest in SEO

SEO classes and tutorials, free or paid, can give you lots of ideas to start from scratch. It may not be easy in the beginning to learn it all in terms of giving you the expected benefits, but high positioning is built in time. Create value in order to attract people.

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