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How to use YouTube shorts in your favour through 5 tips

Key concepts:

  • Format of short videos

  • 5 tips to use short videos on YouTube

Shorts for YouTube are very similar to the stories of Instagram or Facebook. They have a maximum of 1 minute and are rather to catch a fast attention to a topic and provide information briefly, that is largely described in a longer video.

With the usage more and more frequent of the mobile devices to check whatever happens on various platforms, YouTube is no exception here. What does this mean? That the content you create is viewed on a long screen (mobile) rather than wide (a desktop or laptop screen). And so, this gives us the first information that the short videos for YouTube should approach the vertical format for a better success.

Having this in mind, where should you start from with shorts:

1. The information is the real power

YouTube has their own explanation of what are the short videos, what they expect from it, how to create it and other relevant things for you to know before starting experimenting with this type of content. Search for it, read it through and start planning accordingly.

2. Shorts videos are short, but videos

Redundant but short videos are in the end like any other videos that you post on YouTube in terms of format and way of containing information, the difference being given by the length only. Whatever we’ve presented before connected to YouTube tips, are well applicable for shorts also.

3. The attention you need

If you look on any platform, the short videos that appear as recommended to you are already those with millions of views. You have chances that by being seen through a short you can attract more people to your main channel, if you provide catchy information (relevant to your general content).

4. Shorts’ SEO

SEO is a tool you can use for anything that has a search option (be “searchable”). While shorts are mainly recommended to you, they can also be used to give related content about your search, so you can use SEO tricks for shorts too.

5.Target groups of shorts

At this point, YouTube shows shorts only to those that regularly watch such kinds of videos. That means, that regardless of having subscribers to your channel, they will not get notified when you post shorts.

This is the place where we can use this to our advantage. As we mentioned before, shorts are considered to be videos of maximum 1 minute. Whatever exceeds this time frame is automatically posted as a regular video and so, subscribers will get notifications about it in the first 24 hours.

As soon as the first 24 hours pass, you can edit this video in the YouTube studio, to make it shorter and be framed in the shorts regular time limits. This will transform your video from a regular post to a short in the real meaning of it.

How can this help you? To viralise your content both among your followers (notifications) and among short “watchers”.

At this point shorts can help you discover new types of contents that can bring you new followers and allow you to experiment with different types of contents, without affecting your main video activity.

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