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How to use playlists to increase your YouTube channels’ subscribers

Key concepts:

  • Playlists to generate views

  • Playlists to gain subscribers

Create playlists with others’ contents

Use the search bar to see what videos people look for on a given topic, for example, best tips to be a musician. See what results it gives you - videos with titles similar to what you’ve searched or the most viewed videos on that topic.

Using the keywords you searched, create a playlist where to add the videos resulted from the search (check them before and make sure they match with what you want to promote). In this tip, you are basically creating playlists with other YouTubers’ contents, and although they would get the views, you can get new subscribers for recommending such good videos (most viewed on YouTube). What you’re doing here is brand association, and gives you high positions in the search results.

The best examples of this strategy is perhaps in the music field, as many create playlists of various artists on genre, on topic, on artists, on years and so on.

Position higher your contents through playlists

Now let’s see how to use the playlists to increase the views of your own content. From the YouTube Studio, at the Content section, you have the Playlist options. Press to Create a new playlist and for the title, put the keywords (even long tail keywords) for a better positioning. Make it as catchy and visible as possible (capital letters, emojis etc).

The description of the playlist is an important element as well. Make it catchy, descriptive of the topics you are approaching, a call for action (to watch your videos). Think about what you would like to see or how your attention could be caught when you are looking for playlists with similar contents. Select the videos you want included in that playlist and arrange them in the order you consider relevant.

You can as well combine the playlists with “external” content and yours, as long as the topics fit.


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