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How to use Instagram stories to get more views in 4 steps

Key concepts

  • Increase the views of your Instagram posts with 4 tricks

  • Increase the interactions with your Instagram posts

With no further introduction, here they are:

1. Call for action

This is the place where we can use videos with the simple reason that we can say a few words in a relatively short period of time. Use them as a call for action to go to your website, follow you on other networks, watch a particular video etc.

Ask for subscriptions, comments, likes while being at the call for action. This can be directly by saying it out loud (direct invitation) or through various buttons or images of a small size (unconscious awareness).

2. Hide visually something important

If you place in the video something important (as part of the background, something visual or added at editing) then you can make another story to call the view back to the first one just to search for the “hidden” message.

3. Have you seen it?

Use the second story to focus the attention on the first one once more. Bring them once again to the video in which you had the initial call to action and use the curiosity to search for the hidden message and to be part of that “exclusive group” that saw it.

4. Check the status

Make another story as a poll type to ask if they have returned to see it or not, if they saw the hidden message or anything that would make the new viewer curious about what are you talking about in the first place, quite similar to FOMO (fear of missing out) what happens with you.

The stories are the easiest way and place to be yourself as your audience knows or wants to know you. Be empathetic, sympathetic, make jokes, be silly, funny, anything that represents you and makes the other people feel good about seeing your post and being informed about the information you provide.

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