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How to use email marketing in your advantage

Key concepts:

  • What is email marketing

  • 3 factors to create a good email marketing newsletter

Email marketing is the digital strategy of marketing to reach an audience via emails or newsletters. Their purpose is mainly informative, yet can also have a selling aspect. It is frequently giving poor results, not because it wouldn’t function, but because it is not constructed properly or is targeting people not really interested in it.

The newsletter, as the name itself says, offers news, information relevant to the targeted audience. Having a database with subscribers that receive your newsletter (they subscribe to it because they want to, don’t spam them), is built with time and patience. A supportive measure to do so is the creation of quality content in the newsletter you send.

1. The characteristics of a newsletter are:

  • Easy to read and consume, based on as many visual impact as possible;

  • Call to action, gives tips to change and improve something, you offer a material and invite them to download it, buy something etc;

  • Updated and up-to-date, with informing the users about the relevant changes that can help them change something in their current status;

  • Relevant for them and for the topic of the newsletter.

2. What materials could you use as call to action:

  • Free e-books or brochures - create content that supports, informs and educates them, as a result of your gained knowledge (don’t be afraid to share what you know);

  • A trial period or demo product - you’ve created a product or service that could benefit them, and you offer a free usage of it; you can use this as a tool to gather feedbacks as well as seeing the rate of conversion (how many would be going to the full option);

  • Discounts, coupons for you and your partners - show that you care for them and want to support their purchase and obtaining quality products or services;

  • Gifts - likewise with the discounts and coupons, you show appreciation for your subscribers;

  • Exclusive contents - access to information or services that you offer for free, at special prices or even exclusively dedicated just for these persons.

3. The design and visual appealing is as relevant as the information within:

  • Attractive title, helpful for the reader to identify with the proposed topics (selection of subscribers);

  • Useful description, eases the reader’s decision if to join or not;

  • Appealing visual design, easy to nagivate through, catchy and suitable to the information;

  • Call to action buttons, that make them want to get more of your newsletters.


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