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How to structure a powerful e-marketing newsletter in 5 steps

Key concepts:

  • What should you have in mind when creating a newsletter

  • 5 tips to create the template of an outstanding newsletter

There are various key factors we should take into consideration before creating the content, as these help the actual elaboration of the provided information:

1.Whom you address

By having a clear profile of the people you want to address, you can easily construct the information to be of their interest and approach. Think about a newsletter as being a real letter received through the post, dedicated especially to you. You want to feel that it addresses you, that suits you and offers you tailored information.

Same goes with the e-marketing newsletter. As having the profiles with various categories of users, it is easy to modify the design or the level of information to them. Now, we don’t say that you should create a newsletter for each particular person, but for groups of people. For example, if you target people +60, they may have visual difficulties so bigger letter sizes may be helpful, while for the younger generations of 20-30, perhaps more active, video based information is better than texts.

Segmenting your readers into specific categories helps you tailor the newsletter you create for them. Even if the information is the same, the delivery of it can be different.

2. Your audience’s engagement

Important here is how often the subscribers, new or older ones, continue to open and read your newsletter. Do they come back for the information within or just for the gifts and discounts you offer? Check the real interest shown into your product and use the suggestions received from them directly (through comments, replies) or indirectly (through links opened) to construct further your content.

3. Ensure they know who you are

Your branding should be visible and identifiable from the newsletter, without being too pushy or straight forward. Use your logos, name of brand, colours, a design suiting your visual identity etc.

4. Have a clear point

Why are you creating that specific newsletter? What is it that you want to obtain as a result of it? Let’s see some desired impacts:

  • Obtain new clients;

  • Loyalty among your older ones;

  • Increase sales or traffic to your web page/social media accounts;

  • Get to know better your audience and tailor the contents to their needs;

  • Become a reference point as a trustful source;

5. Perfect length

Ideally you should create the template so the reader can see all the main points and few details about it on the main screen (desktop, laptop) or 2-3 scrolls for mobile devices, without requiring too much scrolling overall.

If you manage to draw their attention to a topic or another, they can follow the links attached to that and read further information.

The newsletter should be like a preview or list of contents, a menu for the reader, from which they can choose what they want to investigate further.

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