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How to make people open your video on YouTube with 7 tricks?

Key concepts

  • What is clickbait

  • 7 positive clickbaits for YouTube

A clickbait is a catchy title, video, image, description that attracts viewers and convinces them to open your material. In the majority of the cases people are using it just to attract the views, yet without offering a concrete quality of value of the information within.

A heartful recommendation is not to use it just for the views, but to use it to provide people with a solution for their need so use these techniques for real.

Let’s see the 7 techniques to obtain a better clickbait for YouTube videos:

  1. Use the long-tail keyword technique - include it in the title of your video, starting with it as much as possible (easier for mobile view). This will indicate YouTube that you are one of the best answers to what people searched for so you get to be shown up in the results.

  2. Include numbers in the title - numbers catch attention and quantify the information or give temporality so people can easily identify and know what to expect.

  3. Use CAPITAL letters - they attract the viewer so mark in capital letters the really important parts of your title or description (the most important words). It will pop up faster in the eyes of a viewer compared to those written regularly.

  4. Use emojis - not only are they colourful and interrupt the black/white pattern, but they also attract as many people use them nowadays and seem more eye-catching.

  5. Writing signs - make usage of any writing sign that interrupts the regular reading: periods, commas, quoting marks, parentheses, exclamation or question marks, arrows, asterix etc. It separates somehow the information you provide, making it easier to attract the view of the reader.

  6. Play with the emotions - use the emotion or induction of emotions in order to increase their curiosity. Don’t give everything in the title, yet make it appealing enough to intrigue.

  7. Break the pattern - be different, pop out. Research what that long-tail keyword gives as search results and do the opposite: are the titles short? Make them longer; are there many titles in capital letters? Make it in small ones etc. The video thumbnail plays an important role here as well as we’ve seen in the previous article.

The clickbait’s first step in the end is to catch attention and in order to do so you need to be different.

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