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How to get real followers on Instagram with 13 tips

Key concepts:

  • Keep real followers engaged with your account through 6 tips

  • 7 tips to get people to your Instagram

Let’s see 6 tips on how to keep the real followers engaged and encourage others to join:

  1. The content - what are you present on Instagram, what is it that you want to achieve on it, whom are you addressing, what are they specifically looking for (connected to your topic), why do they follow one account or another;

  2. Follow other accounts - people with more followers than you are great to analyse and see what types of contents they create, how they interact with their followers, what makes them gain new ones; these are the persons interested in what you are interested in too so there are many things you can learn from them;

  3. Study the competition - analyse what images are working better for them, get inspiration from their posts and stories, think about what would work for you;

  4. Interactions - respond, comment, interact with your current followers; as active as you are (with relevancy, not spamming) as more you will be shown to other people and you strengthen the bond with your followers;

  5. Optimisation - make sure you use SEO techniques for your posts as that will allow you to be shown frequently to your followers and even expand your visibility to non (yet) followers;

  6. Be original and different - to have a real chance to be noticed and get viralised you need to be different than what everyone else is doing; use your creativity to stand out, use your own style and personality that are very hard to successfully get copied; this will attract interactions too (which is what you actually want) not just followers.

7 tips to get new followers:

  1. Follow for follow - others’ accounts are also good to make yourself and your presence “known”; you can even make relevant comments and interactions with their posts so you can draw their attention on your account;

  2. Follow-unfollow - by using hashtags and the firsts posts shown within it, you can see who liked them and so, you can start following these people too (same interests as yours); if you have indeed valid content, they are likely to follow you back; if after a while you see there is no interaction from their side nor follow you back, you can unfollow them as most likely they are not interested; keep the limit to 100-150 new (un)follows/day so Instagram doesn’t see you as a spammer;

  3. Use hashtags - connecting your posts to the niche you want to approach is another way new people can discover you; get inspired about what hashtags attract people by looking for recommendations in the search bar, at Tags; don’t use too many hashtags though;

  4. Paid promotion - ads on Instagram are not that expensive and they easily reach numerous people; select the publication you see the most suitable one to catch attention and pay for its spread;

  5. Comment on others - if you think you have something relevant to say (informational wise, not “follow me”) you can comment on others’ posts; as pertinent interventions you make, as more curiosity you can raise among those accounts and their followers;

  6. Comment on hashtags - similar to the previous one, you can check the posts relevant to common hashtags, where you can leave pertinent comments;

  7. Cross-posting: promote your other social media accounts on Instagram, and your Instagram on those platforms; there might be people that don’t follow you on all of them, and, if you do post different contents (which you should) they could be interested to be updated about all the content you have.


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