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How to create a good and effective landing page with a call to action?

Key concepts

  • What is a landing page and 7 steps to make it stand out and call to action

  • 5 tips to create an effective landing page

A landing page is the page through which you want to obtain a conversion. Regardless if we talk about purchasing a service or product, or providing one for free, the landing page has a clear objective to convert the entrances to the page to an action (registration to newsletter, download a product, purchase etc.).

There are 2 types of landing pages:

  • Preparing for a call to action - if there is a new product you want to launch and want to notify the people (via email afterwards), registration to newsletters etc.;

  • Actual call to action - obtain, purchase a specific product or service directly from the page.

Let’s see the 7 steps to create a good converting landing page:

  1. Title - should be attractive, calling for action instantly, directly, indicating clearly a benefit for the reader, creates curiosity or solves directly a problem; you can create a supportive subtitle, if the case, yet none of them should be too large.

  2. Image - have a photo, video, an interactive background that grabs the attention and talks about your invitation to action; it must of course fit the objective of the page and give the same message.

  3. Text - describe the steps and provide the information needed so the viewer can be guided towards the action. Emphasise empathy, go for the emotions, be persuasive; “attack” their need, the problem you are approaching and offer the solution. Describe first briefly like a summary of what you ofer, yet give concrete more extensive information also below or through a button to extend, for those more sceptical and needing more information.

  4. Call for Action - the button that leads them to the further steps to finalise the action; it must be clear, visible, well accessible. Make it point the viewer towards ONE and only action. It should be positioned high on the screen to be visible from the very beginning; if people want to read more details, they’ll find them below it, yet for those that want to subscribe directly to have an immediate action.

  5. Urgent matters - if you give a limited amount of time that the offer is valid (and do so), you may attract more people from the fear of missing the offer out.

  6. Testimonials, references, links of trust - if you have any testimonials, references or such links of people or companies that you collaborated with before, make sure you post some of these or create a connection towards them.

  7. Colours - the colours invoke a certain emotion, sensations and motivations so knowing which to use when is as well important. In case of doubt, go for neutral ones and avoid mixing them to maintain a balance and cleanliness of the page. Let’s see the important ones:

Red - catches attention, dynamic, warmth, aggression, passion, energy, danger

Blue - professionalism, seriousness, integrity, sincerity, calm, infinite, confidence, security, serenity

Yellow - happiness, warmth, amability, positivity, stimulative, light-enlightenment

Green - well-being, natural, health, ethics, growth, freshness, serenity, organic

Orange - enthusiasm, innovation, modern, youth, diversion, accessibility, vitality

Fucsia - entertainment, youth,

Purple - lux, dignity, mystery, spirituality, royalty, wisdom

Black - seriousness, sophistication, power, prestige, value, death, atemporality

White - pureness, cleanness, simplity, ingenuity, nobility, sensibility, smoothness

Let’s get to 5 tips now in order to create an effective landing page:

  1. Show the path to the action, avoid getting the viewers distracted on the way (less is more);

  2. Take into consideration the mobile view, as the majority of the users nowadays use it more than the desktop;

  3. Have A/B tests with various colours, some words, different graphics of the button, etc. - see which one works better and use it further in your actions.

  4. Keep the forms simple and fast to fill in. Don’t bore your potential subscribers with infinite details demands as they’re highly likely to abandon the step. If the data is really necessary, put it in, otherwise leave it aside.

  5. Give an immediate reward as a free or discounted access to your products. It might be for the ones they just purchased or as a trial.

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