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How to be more visible on Instagram with 4 tips

Key concepts:

  • SEO for Instagram and positioning

  • 4 tips to become more visible on Instagram

SEO helps Instagramers get better positions in the search bar through the help of the text used in describing what is happening in the photos or videos uploaded. If you open your account and go to the Search bar, you’ll be shown various photos or videos connected to what you usually search (interested in) or what Instagram recommends you based on what you watched before.

Tips to improve your SEO on Instagram:

1. Hashtags

Using hashtags helps both Instagram to know what you are talking about and potential viewers of what topics you approach. If what you show is any of their interest, they’d at least enter your account to see who you are and what you have, and if you do catch their attention, they’ll start following you.

How to find proper hashtags: go to the Search bar, type what you are interested in (key words) and select the tab of Tags. Instagram will already give you a list of the most used hashtags containing that word, which you can take into consideration for your posts. Use the hashtags in the description of the post for an eased return of the search.

2. On the spot and fast

Things on Instagram can change from one second to another in terms of what people search. The trends are evolving quite fast and instantaneous. Make your research constantly, yet bear in mind that trying to anticipate (making a long video of ideas from before) may not always work because of it.

3. Format of contents

Here we talk about the general formats such as videos and photos. From a simple click on a hashtag you previously identified, you will see that the great majority of the results are rather photos than videos (just 1, the first position).

Having this in mind, at this point, photos seem the logical approach in terms of obtaining a better positioning. At a closer look, notice that a photo is still better positioned (and more shown) than a bunch of them (carousel).

4. Number 2 is the new number 1

The aim here is to get to the central position returned with the search, as the main point people look at on a mobile screen (reduced sizes), and we know that Instagram was mainly created for mobile devices.

While the first position is important as well, what we want to achieve is being in the second spot and that is by being different from what the results normally show. Different catches attention and makes people curious about the odd one out.

What the post promotes or calls for action is what brings us higher in the results so ask people to comment (the best in positioning) or like your post.

Research a bit the way Instagram works and use it to your advantage!


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