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How to attract followers through your blog

Key concepts:

  • Importance of using a blog

  • 16 tips to use the blog for getting new followers

A blog is an interactive page that has the role on the one hand to offer information, education, solutions etc to your viewers, while allowing them to interact with you. It is also a way to constantly update your web with new and relevant content to your topic, which eventually helps you with SEO and positioning.

Let’s see the 16 tips about ways to attract new people through your blog:

  1. Write for the ideal clients - don’t go for the general things; if you want those people that are closer to the ideal profile to find you, don’t settle for less; this will help you structure better the information you provide and therefore become in fact more useful to the actual readers;

  2. Educate, inform, solve - your materials should lead to a positive change in the status of the reader;

  3. Be different - if everyone else is already doing it one way, why should you join the “everybody”? That won’t make you stand out and be noticed; use your personality to make yourself seen as unique;

  4. Curiosity arousing titles - you should have the reader already hooked up and wanting more of it just from its title; this is what initially catches the attention so use it;

  5. Call to action - every article you propose to the public should push them to change something about their status; make it sound like a one in a million opportunity that has to be done now or tomorrow it will be too late; make it easier for them to get to the end result by providing steps, actions, potential results and impact;

  6. The readers are persons, not robots - you want your text to be read by people so use terms and approaches familiar and friendly to a human being; true that, you should be using afterwards SEO techniques to make it visible for the machines too, but don’t disregard the emotional human factor;

  7. Various formats, various platforms - use the same content information and transform and adapt it specifically for each platform you are using; make it as videos, as texts, how-to guides with photos, audios etc anything that can be approached; post them afterwards in their respective agreed/accepted place (blogs - text, YouTube - video, short videos, stories - Instagram etc);

  8. Newsletters - make it easy for people to subscribe to your newsletter and do keep them updated with such materials afterwards; create valuable and useful newsletters so keep people interested in your contents and even reach more (recommendations);

  1. Plan and follow - plan your contents to have a continuity and clear objectives - results in terms of people you reach vs. information you provide; this will allow you to diminish the possibility to repeat yourself (update posts rather than do separate ones or make sure they are indeed quite distinguishable);

  2. Use your previous work - analyse the posts that got you the most followers, interactions, comments, etc and observe the comments to see what exactly was it that caught their attention; if it’s replicable to your other posts, then do so;

  3. Do your research - it’s not just you that writes on these topics so look other people up and see what they write about and how, what their comments are, is there anything you can use from there? Adapt it to your contents afterwards (inspiration);

  4. You own the blog - while using social media platforms is highly important and valuable, at the end of the day you can get banned, blocked out or just not made visible if you write an entire article on Facebook; use the networks to redirect people to your page;

  5. Paid ads on social networks - while Facebook and Instagram offer a great reach with a minimal financial investment, it worth to promote your blog there; you can segment the target audience, create variations of the same ad and make it work for your advantage;

  6. Connect your own work - use interlinking between your pages, your social media accounts, redirect people to relevant contents to keep them informed, especially about older posts (which they may have not seen if they recently found out about you);

  7. Help me help others - invite them to distribute your contents so more people that face the same problem can get their solution from you; thank them for their contribution;

  8. Vivid interactions - respond, comment, interact, show your human side, lead conversations, get ideas, exchange opinions etc - talk with the readers.


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