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Courses for young DJs

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Online courses for musicians

Online courses tend to provide learning material such as videos tutorials, live sessions with musicians, slides, guides for musical instruments, introduces us about softwares to produce music.

Online courses can be divided as follow:

  • Courses for DJ,

  • Piano courses,

  • Guitar courses,

  • Music theory courses,

  • Digital music courses,

  • Music production courses,

  • Audio engineering courses,

  • Song writing courses,

  • Ableton courses.

Let's see the DJ ones, as this is our main focus for today's article.

Courses for young DJs

Lessons for DJ Junior for young people aged 13-17

Young students get closer to this world with an approach that combines play and discipline. In fact, "playing seriously" with music it is possible to provide new stimuli to follow one's dream.

The Junior DJ course is spread over 2 levels with different duration: Beginner - Advanced.

As is well known, music is the only universal language and the goal is to ensure that all the students, from the beginning, understand it and spread it because the world always needs music and happy people.

Course structure

DJ Junior Beginner

Duration: quarterly - 12 meetings

Frequency: 1 lesson per week - 1.5h

Number of participants: the course has a limited number - max 5 students

DJ Junior Advanced

Duration: six months - 24 meetings

Frequency: 1 lesson per week - 1.5h

Number of Participants: the course has a limited number - max 5 students

Programme for the DJ online course

The course is aimed at all aspiring DJs and those who want to perfect their technique. Whether you are a lover of Techno, Trap, Trip Hop, Ambient, Edm, House, Dub, Hip Hop etc., the Online DJ Course can provide you with the knowledge and skills to turn your passion into a job, or simply increase your knowledge.


  • History and origin of the figure of the disc-jockey (DJ);

  • Basic concepts Introduction to DJing;

  • List and theoretical and practical explanation of the essential components for a minimum DJ console and its wiring;

  • Headphones and the use of pre-listening;

  • Music: analysis of metrics, bpm, pitch shift;

  • Concept of time and rhythm, bpm;

  • Console setup: types, supports, professional standards;

  • Introduction to digital Djing with Rekordbox and Traktor Pro 2;

  • Mixing techniques: synchronisation (beatmatching), pitch control, cue point;

  • Equalisation, frequencies and effects basics (Echo, Delay, Loop);

  • Advanced functions on players (multicue, hotcue, loop);

  • Scratching: techniques and exercises;

  • Preparation of the first DJ set.

Who can take this course?

  • Anyone who wants to know what it takes to REALLY DJ like a professional.

  • Young people between 13 to 17 years.

This course includes:

  • 11 hours on-demand video;

  • Full lifetime access;

  • Access on mobile and TV;

  • Certificate of completion.

Benefits and Disadvantages for online music


  • It can changes our mood;

  • Source of income for the DJs who get success;

  • It can make you busy;

  • It can save your time;

  • It can be more convenient because you don’t have to take your instruments physically.


  • It may let you to learn lesser than in physical;

  • No musical environment;

  • No proper sound as teacher wants;

  • Difficult to handle instruments for beginners;

  • Internet problems could occur.

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