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2022 activities

Year 2 of #SoundBeatsTime project started and a full year waits us with:

  • Newsletters about our activities - along the year

  • 2nd Transnational Project Meeting - in February

  • Mobility of youth workers to test the Course of Online Approaches and Methodologies - in April

  • Mobility of a youth worker from Italy in Romania for learning about online promotion and project management in an NGO - for 6 months

  • Start the work on NGO's guide on project management - in summer-winter

  • New info article series, besides the #WednesdayInfo - along the year

  • Launching the learning materials (courses and textbooks) - in summer-autumn

  • Mobilities of young people in Casapesenna, Italy (music production), Timisoara, Romania (creative entrepreneurship) and Baia Mare, Romania (online promotion and general entrepreneurship) - in summer-autumn

  • Start of multiplying events to spread the info about our products - in summer-autumn

  • 3rd Transnational Project Metting - in autumn

  • Starting the work on the musical creations of the young people participating in SBT mobilities - in autumn

We are so, so excited! You?

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