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Online approaches and methodologies for working with youth

Updated: Mar 3

Although this activity is destined for the internal staff of the consortium members, we do want to tell you about it. This is a training course that will test the guide created for the same purpose so then you can fully use it in your work.

The course aims to take place in Timisoara or nearby areas (availability from the logistic point of view). It is not excluded to go to one of IREA’s communitarian centres for the practical activities with youth.

The aim of this mobility is on one hand to train the youth workers in terms of online approaches and methodologies in working with youth, while on the other hand to test the guide within the consortium, in order to be later launched and distributed publicly.

A foreseen agenda for the 5-days training course includes:

  • Introduction to the project and the course

  • Basics in pedagogy and facilitation

  • Testing methods and instruments on practical activities

  • Simulation activities in small groups for local youth

  • Revising the methodology guide

At the end of this mobility, the youth workers will have developed competences to work with youth, in particular by using digital means. Why? Because there will be activities organised locally by each partner which promote and raise awareness of youth connected to the music production, online promotion and entrepreneurship. Who knows, perhaps even convincing them to join the platform and follow the courses!

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