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Music production in the studio

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

A highly expected activity is the mobility for the music production in a studio, this one in particularly. This activity is destined for young people that have graduated from the 3 MOOCs and wish to go deeper in the topics and put everything they learned into practice.

The purpose of this blended mobility is to equip the youth with practical and deepened experience and knowledge regarding MOOC – music production and MOOC – online promotion.

The mobility itself will not tackle many theoretical aspects but will rather come as a continuation of the MOOCs, therefore the participants will keep in contact with the Spanish experts before and after the mobility as well, in order to be able to deliver the final product.

The 6-days agenda proposal contains:

  • Introduction to the project and to the mobility

  • Recording voices and editing the audio – individual sessions

  • Online promotion – preparation of materials

  • Visits and meetings with different experts

  • Visits at music stores, practice rooms

Upon returning home the participants will be putting into practice the learned information and finalise the production of at least 1 song/participant for the final compilation. The participants will continue to benefit from feedback, support and guidance through online 1 on 1 and/or small group sessions with the experts from the mobility.

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