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MOOC entrepreneurship and creative entrepreneurship

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The young generation has a lot of creative and innovative ideas that could be easily transferred into a business. They already know or can easily learn how to use the technology and that could give them a great advance in the business world. And still not many of them know how to start a business or earn incomes by using online. The need to learn the theoretical and practical aspects on monetizing work in the cultural sector is high, especially learned and performed in a way not to fail (bankruptcy).

Mentioning once more, our MOOC will come together with an e-book manual with plenty of theoretical information besides the exercises of the course. The potential knowledge of the learners and will give them the possibility that once finished the course to be able to launch a small business/freelancing and slowly starting to have an income from music.

The proposed contents are:

  • Entrepreneurship in music - What it means to be an entrepreneur. The various forms of enterprise. The internal management of a company, from personnel to purchasing.

  • Intellectual property and copyright management - What intellectual property and copyright mean. How to protect your rights on intellectual production. The control bodies that need to be involved.

  • Live music management - How to prepare a live event. How to manage the resources necessary for the organization. The preparation of the artists for the event. The control bodies that need to be involved. The management during the event.

  • Music marketing - Creation of your own brand. How to select and how to target your audience. Some useful tools for your online promotion with particular reference to social media. Platforms for the promotion and sale of music products.

The course is destined for everyone interested in acquiring basic entrepreneurial skills applicable to the music sector. Mind that is a course destined for beginner music producers just starting their path in the business!

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