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You’re an entrepreneur but you just don’t know it yet

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

You are an entrepreneur but you didn’t start making your ideas real yet because you don’t realize the real YOU. Many people are without realizing it as they didn’t pick up the signs which prove their reality. Being creative is one of the biggest signs that tell you “you’re an entrepreneur”, take it as a start and believe it.

Most of the people who used to sell their stuff when they were kids, started their own thing as adults. Not liking the education system, if you have your own opinions on how school goes, and you know how important it is, this proves your critical thinking which is one of the characteristics of an entrepreneur.

To take a risk, not just when you buy a new phone, but risking decisions and thinking about the pros and cons of your decisions would help you to start practicing it. Not to forget, if you seek freedom and you appreciate it, so you have the spirit of it. Being stuck in 9-17 job will not fulfill your desire for growth.

All entrepreneurs are leaders, they are not bosses. They lead the process of the idea they had in mind and seeing it becoming a real thing is like seeing your baby walking for the first time. Understanding what people want might help you in your relationships, but also it’s going to make a great entrepreneur who knows the needs of the market and clients.

If you are at the beginning, I think it's time to start your own project. Being a starter might make you feel like you don’t achieve many things, but on the other hand is an important habit you can apply in going towards something big. After starting your own business and projects you need to hire the team whose task is to carry out the work for your vision.

Always remember when you are working at someone else’s entrepreneurial project, the most you can get is to be the manager, but when you start yours, the more you work the more projects you can start. So what do you think now?

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