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Year 2: the review

Time flies and here we are at the end of the 2nd year of this amazing journey.

What have we been doing in this past year? Let's see:

  • Continued the #WednesdayInfo articles on music, entrepreneurship and online promotion - every week!

  • We had 4 newsletters with updates about our activities

  • We had 2 Transnational Project Meetings, 1 in Timisoara in February and 1 in Casapesenna in October

  • We started the info campaign on Eurovision 2022 songs

  • We held the mobility for youth workers regarding the Online approaches and methodologies

  • We officially launched the textbook of Online methods to be used in training of young musicians (check the Resources page)

  • We started the info campaign on European Summer Festivals for 2022

  • We hosted Diletta, the long-term youth worker from Giosef, in Yellow Shirts, Baia Mare, for her to learn more about online communication and project management - check her experiences through various blog posts!

  • We started the work on writing the NGO's guide on project management, together with Diletta

  • We started the info campaign of Rock & Rap bands and artists

  • We launched the courses platform, as well as the textbooks of the MOOCs (check the Resources page)

  • In September we had the mobilities of Romanian and Italian young people in Casapesenna, Timisoara and Baia Mare

  • We held 2 multiplying events in Baia Mare - let'S Be Talking entrepreneurship (meeting with local entrepreneurs) and participation at Street Delivery 2022

  • We started the Ted Talk, Traditional Instruments, Music related movies' recommendations

  • We started the work on mixing and producing the final versions of the creations recorded in the Italy mobility

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