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Why sing at least 5 minutes per day?

Here are the 9 reasons why singing at least 5 minutes per day is good for your health, equalizing even the physical exercise:

  1. Singing offers the body the "right" vibrations which increase the vitality.

  2. While singing, inside the human brain there are various special chemical substances being produced, which help us feel the peace and happiness.

  3. Singing improves the blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect as well on the chords, tonsils and numerous lymph nodes so we get ill more rare as it increases significantly the local immunity.

  4. The blood supply increases during singing and this leads to a higher brain activity: it begins to function more intense, the memory gets better, any information is easier to perceive.

  5. The improvement of blood supply of the head per se makes the whole body younger and improves the skin.

  6. Singing is very useful for the pulmonary diseases as it doesn't just replace the breathing exercises, but promotes chest development, an adequate breathing, which leads to a significantly reduced number of exacerbation.

  7. Regular choir singing increases the A immunoglobulin and hydrocortisone in the organism, which are signs for a good immunity.

  8. There were developed techniques that treat stuttering through singing and it helps also improve the diction.

  9. Singing is even used when you fight obesity: sometimes it is offered to obese persons to sign two or three songs instead of snaking when they are hungry.

What are your reasons to sing?

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