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Welcome, Diletta!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Starting with 20th June, Diletta from Giosef Italy joined Yellow Shirts' crew for a 6-months adventure.

In her time here, she will work on 4 directions:

  • social media - creating posts, writing articles, support the website, dissemination materials

  • project management - internal management of Yellow Shirts' projects and this one in particular, SoundBeatsTime

  • EU funds and NGO management - discovering deeper the EU funding for culture-music and youth sectors

  • developing competences - useful later on for the labour market integration

Here I am, I am Diletta, I am Italian and I am 27 years old... oops 28. Just turned 28 right here in Baia Mare, Romania. What do I do there?
It is a long story, starting from my love of history that made me study the power dynamics that move this world. During my master's degree I felt this strong desire to contribute to the international system, but in a way that matched my ideals: that's how I discovered the world of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. I fell in love immediately, but it was January 2020 and we all know how it went in the following years.
I put my dreams on the back burner for a while but never stopped working on them and now finally here I am, after several intercultural exchanges around Europe, stopping in Romania for a six-month internship.
I love the city, I love nature overlooking everything and I love the activities done with young people from all over the world, I hope to give my best with enthusiasm.

Already part of an exciting activity as soon as she arrived, Diletta's time here will give her the chance to experiment and learn in practice while working directly with the project's activities.

We can only hope Diletta will have a fruitful time and a wonderful experience here.

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