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Visibility and promotion strategy

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Here's a template of a tool to plan the visibility and promotion strategy for your work.

Replicate the table for each objective you have in mind:

Objective 1

write your objective in a SMART way so to be easier for you to monitor and evaluate its fulfillment

Effects (outcomes)

what is it concretely that you want to achieve? what do you expect to get? what are the indicators (quantitative and qualitative)?

Aimed impact by reaching the objective

what do you want to achieve on a longer term? what would the beneficiaries get from this on a longer term?

For each objective decide on the specific activities to reach that, following this table (replicate it for each activity:


what is the concrete activity you want to do to achieve the objective? describe it

Target group

who do you want to benefit from this activity? what's the profile of your target group? if you have more, describe them each' profile separately

Working method

how do you plan to do it? what are the ways, channels, methods and tools to do it?

Period (month/week)

what is the time frame in which you want to do it? how much time would you dedicate to it? what is the specific activity or frequency needed?

Responsible person

who is the responsible person to be in charge of it? what are the specific tasks to be done?

Needed resources

what equipment, stationary, space or any other type of resources do you need?

External support

who externally can help you and how? what are they supposed to do and by when? will it cost you or is it for free?

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