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Traditional Instruments: Oud

Country: Egypt and Arabic countries

Type: String Instrument


It is a traditional instrument belonging to which country/countries?

They are commonly used in Turkey and almost all Arab countries with the same name. Popular instruments in Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Greece.

What are the Features of Oud ?

The Oud's sound resonates within its hollow body. It has a rounded back that is enclosed by a soundboard, a flat sheet of wood, and a backside made of 15-25 strips of wood. This musical instrument is distinguished primarily by two features: its pear-shaped body and its fretless neck. However, this decoration has no negative impact on the sound quality. The body of an oud is typically shaped like a large gourd and is constructed of a complex system of thin wood staves. The top of this instrument, on the other hand, is made of lightwood.

Where Does Oud's History Rise?

Its variety of sounds has compelled scientists, researchers, and musicologists to pursue theories about its origins with zeal. Some claimed it originated in Persia, while others claimed it originated in Egypt or the desert. The most likely explanation today is that it evolved in ancient Iraq (Akkadian empire 2350-2170 B.C)

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