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The Lack of Easter Themed Music

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Hardly anyone doesn’t like to add certain vibes to their day through music. If you think about it, we have playlists for any occasion of the day and any mood you could think of. Our seasons and holidays are no exception from Christmas to summer party playlists.

Christmas, winter, summer, Halloween…What about Easter though?

Truth be told, there are many holidays - obviously varying from country to country - which one could curate or produce music for. However, Easter is a widely celebrated holiday that doesn’t seem to have been favored as inspiration for music makers.

Is it a gap in the industry that has remained uncovered or might it be more related to the general impression that Easter doesn’t emit as deep feelings and emotional associations as Christmas does? Halloween, for example, is similarly a holiday that carries less sentimental value. However, it offers more activities and inclusion for the common than more religiously connotated holidays such as Christmas and Easter do though as most of its contemporary celebrations barely show traces of its origins. Moreover, Christmas has grown to become a tradition across cultures and religions, exceeding its religious meaning and making up a big part of today’s popular culture.

How do we view Easter though? It is attached to more religion and culture with a highly family-oriented character, which makes it more tricky to make it attractive for the public. But this doesn’t mean that there can’t be any ambient music produced for this occasion. It is crucial though to be aware about its differing profile in society to truly capture the sentiments that one wants to transmit and be able to evoke eastery feelings all year round.

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