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Sustainable development in businesses

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

In order to better understand what sustainable development is, we may first ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What are the needs of the present?

  • Are these needs in conflict with each other?

  • How do we decide which necessities to satisfy?

  • Whose necessities do we satisfy first?

  • When do we compromise?


  • Sustainability refers to the ability to maintain or support an activity or process over the log term (ability to sustain)

  • Development means the systematic use of scientific and technical knowledge to meet specific objectives or requirements

Sustainable development has the core aim to develop the capabilities of civil society organizations in the youth field through gaining marketing management knowledge about the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental benefits.

"Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

from the World Commission on Environment and Development’s (the Brundtland Commission) report Our Common Future (Oxford University Press, 1987)

Sustainable development involves establishing equilibrium between the economical growth and protection of the environment and finding alternative resources. The general overview on the economic development of a country or a region is known as durable development.


At present, experts agree that meeting the needs of the future depends on how well we balance environmental (ecology), social (community) and economic (economic sufficiency) objectives – or needs – when making decisions today.

Could the good governance be the 4th pillar of the sustainable development? Could the public sector and the private corporative sector have a greater positive influence on it? Are we not the only ones responsible to reverse the changes we have caused?

Sustainable Development Goals

UN’s Global Objectives for Sustainable Development or the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) were enunciate in 2015 during several important international meetings regarding how we govern the planet.

There are 17 objectives which precede the Millennium Development Goals:

What can we do to have our businesses support the sustainable development of our whole world?

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