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Starting the project with you

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Yes, you heard it right, but let us clarify it for you though. The project will be already happening behind the curtain for a long time, with us working silently hidden from the public eye. As soon as the materials will be ready, we’ll share them openly online and through various physical activities in the countries of our partners.

What would you be able to find out about in these activities? Well, the platform that will contain the 3 MOOC courses as well as the platform’s features (forum and discussion place for collaborations and exchange of ideas, extra materials connected to music production, online promotion and social media, and entrepreneurship and creative entrepreneurship).

Not only that we will be presenting all these, we will have the chance to peak an eye at them, learn more about the practical mobilities and discuss all the future activities the project holds.

The events aim to have a friendly, non-formal format where the participants to have the possibility not only to learn about the project and our products, but also to interact and support networking.

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