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Social entrepreneurship

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We switch from the business concept to the entrepreneurship one, and the last one has as characteristics:

  • Bringing Social Change through innovative (business) approach

  • For the sake of the community

  • Ecologically, financially and socially sustainable

  • It has a high risk

The 3 types of entrepreneurs involved in the social businesses are:

  1. Changemakers – overall term for a person who wants to change the system; has an innovative, normally positivist approach

  2. (social) Activist – works on lobbying, mobilization and awareness; most of the time not a business model; no financial sustainabilit

  3. Intrapreneur – brings innovative changes inside the company; no financial risk for the intrapreneur; dependent on an open organizational culture

We have 5 types of social entrepreneurship, let's see which are they through an example:

Employees oriented

A local farm cooperative offers women the possibility to bring their babies at work; the babies will be provided with food from the farm.

Customers oriented

A local producer sells fortified yogurt and porridge to the mothers and children.

Society oriented

A local farm sells their crops and cross finance awareness campaigns for nutrition among families.

Environment oriented

An organic farm uses its own rotten products with the help of the earthworms to compost and fertilise its soils for further ecological farming.

Suppliers oriented

Buy raw-materials from the mothers and provide them in kind with electric cooking stove and fresh green vegetables in return.

Of course a social enterprise can touch more than 1 type of social benefits, yet it is good to stick to a main core and additional, whenever possible, to touch others too.

What business ideas do you think could fit under any of these 5 types?

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