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Simplify your vision through a logo

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Do you think having a unique and eye-catching logo is not essential? Why do you think people recognize Coca-Cola bottles? Is it just because of the shape or reading the name?

One of the first steps after deciding on the name of your brand or product is to create a unique logo. Many of the worldwide famous brands are not popular and memorable just because of the quality but also because of the design and the used colors in the logo.

Every color has its meaning and a message, with psychological effects on the audience. That's why you need to answer a couple of questions before choosing your final logo, such as:

  • What message do I want the clients to receive?

  • What type of clients do I want to attract to my product?

Think about the logos of the products you use and why you use them.

Now, it’s time to take some logos in detail, let's stick with Coca-Cola's example. Thinking about it, Coca-Cola always tries to send the message of energy, youth power, enthusiasm and warmth of people around you and gatherings and so on of good warm feelings.

All that we mentioned is not just Coca-Cola’s message, it’s the message of the RED color; psychologically the red gives a sense of warmth, energy and power and that’s the reason why many countries use it in their flags.

Let’s have another simple example, think about how most of the pharmacies' logos have white, blue, green or red. Thinking about the pharmacy as a product it provides us with nobility, cleanness and a soft feeling which are the characteristics of the WHITE color.

They want us to feel secure, to feel they’re responsible and trustworthy; and when we get back to the BLUE color, find out that it’s the color effect on us. It also represents health as the GREEN color does.

To have a modern and trendy logo is important, but also choosing the colors is crucial. Think about your logo as the first message you send to your clients.

How carefully would you choose it?

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