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Selena - The Series

Director: Hiromi Kamata

Genre: Music/Drama/Biography

Starring: Christian Serratos; Gabriel Chiavarria; Ricardo Antonio Chavira; Noemí González; Jesse Posey; Natasha Perez; Seidy Lopez; and Madison Taylor Baez

Selena - The series is a series based on the story of the life of the Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla. It starts with a small Selena and her journey till reaching fame with the band Selena y Los Dinos, and her death in 1995, at only 23 years old, when the singer was killed by the president of her fan club. Even though her life was short, Selena left many albums, hit songs and received many awards during her career. She was also a stylist and created a successful clothes business.

It’s a one season series on Netflix, with two parts and 18 episodes (9 episodes each). With a really captivating and full of life Selena, the actress Christian Serratos, takes us on a journey full of emotions, challenges, courage and talent, that will be impossible to stay indifferent to her story and success. And let’s talk about the amazing soundtrack with Selena’s original songs that many people still hear nowadays and if you didn’t you will probably start after. So our advice if you wanna discover more about this music legend and her life, this is a series worth watching.

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