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SBT mobilities - participants' testimonials

The 2 international mobilities have now come to an end. We'd like to share with you the impressions our youngsters had while attending the activities in Italy and Romania:

“This Erasmus has been a very interesting and formative experience for me. I believe that in Italy the activities carried out were more dynamic and therefore sometimes more fun while in Romania on some occasions there were proposed activities that we were not able to carry out fully not belonging to a musical school. In general I am very satisfied with the experience because the organization was really good about the trip and so on, and they were all impeccable in making us interact with the guys of Romania.”

“Erasmus in general has been an experience that I recommend to everyone, which I will remember for a lifetime. Erasmus has been able to erase in us boys prejudices about a country at times completely different from us, but at the same time very similar in values and in some customs. Thanks to this project we have made new friends with the Romanian boys. The period in Italy has given us so much, we had the opportunity to work with professionals in the music industry , is more specifically in that of radio. Thanks to Andrea and Franck I had the opportunity to create my first podcast, a beautiful experience that I do not know if I will have the opportunity to redo. The food in Italy was good and the best thing is that I enjoyed it more and that thanks to Erasmus, is that I improved my English being the only way we could communicate. In Romania it was all very nice and fun, we had the opportunity to get to know a new culture and new people; in Timisoara the food was not much to my liking, while in Baia Mare the food was great.”

“In Italy I was excited to start this new experience and eager to come to Romania to learn about a new culture and a new country. I think our experience here in Romania was much more beautiful than yours in Casapesenna, because in Italy there are much more beautiful places that you could have visited. Despite this, the activities we carried out in Casapesenna were very engaging and innovative. As for the trip to Romania I loved it, it was a wonderful experience and also the place is very characteristic. This experience has taught me a lot, it has helped me to grow, not to have prejudices towards people I do not know. I will always carry this in my heart.”

“I liked this experience because I visited new places, met new people from other cultures and socialized and had fun together. I preferred Baia Mare for the food and the hotel.”

“If I had to express with a word this new experience that has been proposed to me it would be courage. Courage to be together, to live new experiences and to dare. As for the experience in Italy, although I did not live it 24 hours a day, the proposed activities were very exciting and overwhelming. The only flaw was the food but in general we still had the opportunity to live uncommon experiences and discover new talents. In Romania, especially in Timsoara, I had the opportunity to do activities that could have involved me more, the residence was quite nice and the city very much alive, the only flaw food. In Baia Mare, the activities were very exciting, the food very good. In general it was a good experience that led me to grow on many topics on which I was not competent and that gave me the opportunity to meet people with different lifestyles and to bond with them.”

“I am extremely excited about this experience. Romania impressed me so much, knowing the Romanian culture helped me a lot, I tasted dishes that I initially thought were terrible but they turned out to be good This experience has also borne fruit in the field of music, I saw instruments that I did not think existed but the thing I liked most was recording. I am very happy especially because he taught us to grow.”

“This was a beautiful experience that taught us to grow, because it allowed us to learn new things, to know new places that we might have underestimated. The only thing I think is bad is food.“

“This experience has been very productive and most importantly something that will affect my life I believe for a long time. There have been many positive things but above all they have helped me to grow. I met new people also getting used to their lifestyle and vice versa but without any problem. The only bad thing was the food.”

“I think the experience in Italy was fun but at the same time monotonous because the country chosen was not the best for the kids. While in Romania I think everything was perfect because we guys were held up by activities quite fun in the morning and in the early afternoon and then in the evening we had free time having even more possibilities of movement. The staff was very helpful and friendly and helped us in approaching the best with the other guys. I think the only flaw but negligible was the food.”

“For me this experience was formative and fun. Formative because it gave me the opportunity to learn knowledge on new topics but also very fun because it gave me the opportunity to meet the wonderful people with whom I lived a unique experience. In Italy we had the opportunity to start our knowledge that has continued then in Romania where we have known traditions, places and foods completely different from those of Italy. I learned to appreciate what you have and adapt to different situations. I really liked the environment in which we stayed and especially the services provided. For me the organization was one of the best and I am very happy with the possibility that I was given.”

„In the SBT project I learned many, many things, from what does a recording in the studio, entrepreneurship, composition mean to that of accepting cultural differences between people.

I travelled, I have learned little history in every visited city, I met artists, businessmen, specialists in marketing. This project brought us opportunities which otherwise we couldn’t have even imagined.

I hope as well to be able to visit again Timisoara.”

„The experience from Italy was generally pleasant, with few inconveniences. I got along well with all the participants, both with the Italian and Romanian ones. Along the week the activities were constructive favouring the socializing between us. We discovered new things and it helped us observe the efficiency of the team work. The accommodation was ok, but personally I would have preferred to be maximum 3 persons in a room. The food was good, yet the breakfast was treated superficially.

I had expectations from the Naples visit, the only day from the whole week when we could visited the city. It would have been very useful a guide or a person to know very well the city and its history.

From the organisational point of view I was profoundly disappointed. There were moments not used properly efficiently. The fact that we didn’t have a schedule with the precise things we were to do in every day, gave me the feeling of a chaos.

At the activities in Baia Mare I felt very good. I liked how everything was organised and how we communicated with each other. Very good the organisation of Baia Mare!”

„This project was a very interesting experience. I have learned a lot of new things. It really gave me the chance to improve myself, to find the courage to express my ideas out loud, how to explain them. After this, I have learned how to use the ideas of mine and also of the others now, and in the future. This program also taught me how to collaborate with the others, one thing that is very important when we want to reach our goals, and also gave me the chance to meet new people, visit new places.

In the exchange of experiences with Italians I discovered the fact that some people have different cultures, traditions, habits than us. I have learned that some of us have different opinions, different mentality, different styles in managing the time, but also different styles in organising the activities.

In Italy and Romania I have also learned how is it to work in an organised environment and one less organised, how to respect a program, what to do and what not to do. In the end, I am very happy and grateful of having this experience.”

„For me the SoundBeatsTime project meant an opportunity of knowledge and to accumulate experience, both in the musical field and personal. I met persons with whom I feel I created good connections and with whom i resonated well. I am very grateful that I was part of this project.”

„The experience of Italy during the SoundBeatsTime project was one truly special for me. I lived for a week in the town of Casapesenna together with other 9 Romanians in a hostel, a place in which we were warmly and with hospitality welcomed.

Every day we participated together with 10 Italian youth at different activities which to help us both getting to know each other better and to learn about how to build our own studio at home or about the musical production from experts of this field. Also, during the days we had the opportunity to create collective and individual musical productions. I chose, being encouraged by my teacher, Mr. Calin Ionce, to make a reinterpretation in an electronic version of a chords quartet which we wrote it together few months ago and I was very pleased about the result.

In one of the days we visited Naples under the guidance of the Italians, occasion with which we could taste the culinary specialities of the area. We spent most of the nights at the hostel playing pools or watching football matches together with the teachers, but we also participated at the fest organised by the church, named „Festa della Madonna”, in San Cipriano.

The project was also an opportunity to practice our linguistic skills, speaking mostly in English or even in Italian. Thus, we learned Italian phrases from the other group, and we initiated them at our turn in Romanian. Besides this, we discovered also a culture that, although different, it resembles ours in a lot of aspects.

The trip marked me in a very positive way and, if I have the opportunity to repeat the experience, I would do it gladly.”

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