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Rare musical instruments

Along time there have been invented various types of instruments based on the nearby materials, wood and iron being the most common ones. Nowadays, the most used instruments are the guitar, piano or the violin, in their variations and sizes.

Let's see yet others less known, but equally beautiful sound creators.


A chord instrument coming from Russia, it has a triangular shape and 3 chords. Interesting enough is that it has feet extension to be more comfortable while playing it.

We could categorized it as a guitar/bass, yet it is indeed quite different from these especially since it comes in various sounds such as main, bass, contra-bass and secondary balalaika.


It seems to have appeared in Peru as the African slaves have invented it. What is it? Well, a hexagonal wooden shaped box with a hole on a side and all the others covered with a very tin layer of wood.

It is played by standing on it and hitting the front faces with the palms, fingers or other objects and it produces an interesting drumming sound.

Most commonly used in the African and South-American music, it gained popularity also in the jazz and contemporary flamenco.

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"The harp of the jaw" is a small metal or bamboo instrument for blowing. Inside it has a flexible layer that with the help of blowing it creates vibrations.

Different tones of it can be created by moving the tongue and the lips while blowing.

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Invented to support the artists with visual impairments, this acoustic tone instrument is usable with water or liquids. The sound is generated through the water and is hydraulic affected.

It became fast popular in Asia, but also all around the world especially as the produced sounds are suitable for all sorts of genres.

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