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Paulo Londra is back!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

After three years in the shadows, Paulo Londra makes his musical comeback with a hit that reached millions of plays within hours.

Since September 2019, when the Argentinian artist realised that the contract signed with Big Ligas tied him in exclusivity, so he could not release "Plan A" until 2022.

The singer, a native of Córdoba, returned to the world of show business surprising his fans because the style that was represented in the song was Pop-Rock, unlike his previously shown repertoire that was directed more towards the urban Latin genre.

In the song we can see a clear tribute to what happened to Paulo, his time on the bench, waiting for his legal problems to end and that excessive joy that breaks with an energetic rock that leaves you wanting more, surely the Argentinean will seek to continue adding hits.

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