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Online approaches and methodologies

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has stroke aggressively and here and there paralysed the education systems (both the formal and the non-formal sectors) as the majority of the educators were used to the face to face approaches. Despite the technology advancing and there was already the need of digitalizing this work, the pandemic forced us to go directly on the online platforms, without allowing us to fully prepare in advance, nor giving us sufficient time to look for, test and chose the appropriate methods for education.

We found it relevant to update our toolbox with methods to work online with our youth and more to identify those that can be catchy, attractive and different from the daily routine we had to go through due to online work or school.

So we want to gather together a variety of methods, instruments and channels for the online approaches and different methodologies to work with youth both online, face to face and/or with the use of the online. Together with the presented methods, the guide then will contain practical examples that can offer not only good practices, but also concrete instructions on how to use them.

The guide is mainly destined for the youth workers of the consortium as well as for educators, facilitators, youth workers and trainers that find our guide useful for their work. The drafted proposed index is basic introduction to pedagogy (like planning activities, selecting working methods and tools, creating the supportive materials, etc), digital pedagogy, digital resources, adapting the methodology to the online content.

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