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Must-have 8 WordPress plugins for your starting web page

Key concepts:

  • What are the plugins

  • 8 plugins to have on your webpage

Plugins are programmes that help you improve the quality of your website and of what you offer. It gives you the possibility to add various functions that the basic WordPress doesn’t have included, yet which help you personalise the web as you want, without needing to get into coding.

Plugins can be both free or paid, are easy to install and use, yet an overuse can make your page load slower. Select those that you actually need to optimise the user experience to the best possible.

Let’s see now briefly 8 of the useful tips any WordPress page should have:

1. Yoast SEO

  • Useful for complete beginners in SEO;

  • Tells you what you’ve done right, average or bad for each of your page;

  • Gives you tips on how to improve your SEO.

2. WP Smush

  • Reduces, optimises and compresses images;

  • Improves the speed and return of clicks on your page;

  • Keeps the quality high, yet improves the performances.

3. WP Force SSL

  • Redirects all the traffic from HTTP to HTTPS;

  • Provides a safer and secured connection.

4. Contact form 7

  • Allows the contact form on your page;

  • Allows the personalization of contact.

5. Akismet

  • Useful to identify spamming;

  • Filters and blocks the spams from comments and contact form;

  • Allows you to decide if you keep or not the comments.

6. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

  • Increases the compatibility between web pages and mobile devices appearance;

  • Ensures the same speed of charging the pages on mobiles as on any other type of device.

7. Glue for Yoast & AMP

  • Ensures that Yoast sees and corrects the AMP created pages;

  • Allows you to modify AMP pages, where the case, to optimise it for mobile devices.

8. Table of Content Plus

  • Creates a table of your content, similar to a text editor;

  • Used to support creating anchor texts to find directly the topic interesting for the reader.

There are various additional ones that can support the connection with social media, improve SEO, for security, to optimise the page, mobile device optimisations and so on. Choose what you need.

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