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Music hub platform

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Often we found various materials with great potential for our work in various and numerous sources. We saw the need of gathering the music production enthusiasts, players, singers and experts in one place from where to get information (courses, materials), exchange ideas and establish cooperation (forum, chat groups), offer your services or share your know-how, in one place.

Young musicians needs a place where to gather and discuss, debate and bilaterally exchange information (receive and give), where to consult, from where to continue to educate themselves and learn about techniques, equipments, software, where to connect with music experts that are eager to support their learning process without having the fear that the young ones will soon “eat their bread”. On the other hand, there are the people, especially in the culture sector that need music productions and may not know where to look for the producers.

The platform wants to offers a wide variety of possibilities such as learning, getting updated, communicate and collaborate with others and clarify questions with the help of experts. The expected impact is gathering together and connecting musicians that could find what they are looking for in 1 place – education, information/sources, collaborations, advice.

Will you help us grow our community?

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