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Music frequency: 639 Hz

This Solfeggio frequency may help creating and maintaining harmonious interpersonal relationships. People often use it to attract love, feel closer to the people around them, and even to universal consciousness. However, there have been much fewer studies conducted on the frequency at 639Hz, even though some anecdotal evidence and ancient sources say that it is the frequency of love and harmony. In this case, it may be that the tone facilitates connections: between opposites, between the cells and the rest of the body, between people, and even within yourself. It also may help us to be more intimate and vulnerable, aiding in mending relationships.

Before going to bed, it can be helpful to listen to music tuned to 639 Hz on your phone or computer so you can drift into a deep, peaceful, and harmonious sleep, full of positive energy and dreams. There’s no harm in trying these frequencies out if it may help get rid of negative feelings inside and increase positive energy. You can experience different frequencies to figure out which one affects most effectively in your body and mental health. Also do not forget that you can bring together different solfeggio frequencies in order to boost their effects.

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