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MOOC online promotion

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The new era is requiring the presence more often in the digital world. We spend an important amount of time online for information, shopping, entertainment or work, but many of us, especially youngsters, are not prepared yet to fully take advantage of what the internet and technology is offering in terms of monetization.

It was identified the need of using social media platforms as a paradox not for socializing, but for promoting our creations or business. The essential aspect here is that although the need is high as a lot of businesses are moving online, not many entrepreneurs know how to use the social networks in their advantage. Having a website/platform/ e-shop nowadays is important but knowing how to populate your web to attract costumers is as important as having it.

Same as the music production, this MOOC will come accompanied by an e-book manual with more theoretical information. Our material will increase the knowledge of the learners and will give them the possibility that once finished the course to be able to create content for different social media accounts, for the web, manage accounts on different platform specific for sounds, create ads and promotional videos for catching attention and starting selling their work.

The methodology used for this product will be intensive research and testing methods of different platforms, apps, widgets and tools that have a fast and easy way to use, but which create spectacular, highly qualitative products without requiring a lot of know-how or time.

The proposed contents are:

  • social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter)

  • going live

  • brand creation for the social media

  • web design, web content creation

  • content planning (social media and web) and strategies

  • SEO

  • blogs and articles on specialized networks

  • crowdfunding

The course is destined for everyone interested in increasing the skills to work with the online promotion. Mind that is a course destined for beginner music producers just starting their path online!

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