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let’S Be Talking entrepreneurship - the after math

The event brought together 30 young people and experts to the event dedicated to those interested in finding out more about the business world and marketing, with particularity application in the cultural sector.

Our first guest speaker, an entrepreneur and digital expert, Nicolae Onțiu – CEO of OneIT, talked about the idea to start with, but also passion, value and team being a very important part of a business project, as well as gave us tools and instruments to digitalize more our professional work, in terms of management, relation and communication with others or even to promote oneself.

The cultural marketing expert, Oana Enășel, introduced the youngsters in the concepts of culture, offered samples and ways to use the culture, in particular music, in order to promote themselves. She followed topics such as the value and value in art, innovation, digitalization and technological evolution in the art sector, the museums in the online environment and as a source of inspiration to other cultural fields, as well as examples of campaigns with a great educational and social impact and an added value to the cultural one.

Additional, we presented the project’s activities so far, as well as the platform and the courses available as in the 3 MOOCs on music production, entrepreneurship and cultural entrepreneurship, and online promotion, the website and the resource page where they can find all the materials made through the project at this point.

Despite being a short meeting of only 2 hours, the information exchanged here was priceless and so are the moments spent together.

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